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18xgirls tiffany Welcome to my website; its austere design is intentional. I am the one true messiah, but that was far from simple. For those seeking the more specific version of the press release that gives the final solution to the riddle of 15 yo modelshttp://asclepiusonline.net/yougart-miranda-mass-effect-nude-mods-pics/ 15 yo c pornasclepiusonline.net/reliance-fileserve-discography-dire-straits/ 15 yo creampieasclepiusonline.net/mesopotamian-skiregionsimulator2012dlcpack1ulozto/ immortality, it can be found within the free compendium of selected writings entitled “Apocalypse Eden available below, which also contains additional information important to humankind. Within said compendium, for the scientifically inclined, the section
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presents a biological deconstruction and theoretical extrapolation of the strange symbolism appearing in Ezekiel and to a lesser extent in Revelations that describe the cherubim—mysterious beings who were ascribed guardianship over the tree of life in Genesis—pivotal for understanding how eternal youth is established within the human body.

While immortality may seem like the holy grail of all scientific discoveries, it paled in comparison to something else that was conveniently verified during the course of this endeavor. Once it was determined that the enigmatic seventh seal and the equally enigmatic description of the cherubim are synonymous, deciphering the seventh seal as it appears in the Bible served to unequivocally delineate that the Creator has absolute dominion and control over reality from the ends of the universe on down to the atoms (cherubim), extending on down to the subatomic particles we call light or photons (seraphim). By design, comprehending this phenomenal level of control helped solve many mysteries of human existence, an essential part of the criteria required to bring this age to a close. The one who would unravel these mysteries along with the seventh seal is revealed after applying the Mirror Code (the official Da Vinci code) to the image above, which reverses the original meaning of the sketch to its intended meaning, unveiling a new species of human possessing an elevated or highly evolved form of consciousness necessary for recognizing the miasma of illusions that effectively imprisoned humanity in this age (discussed further in compendium).

15 yo girl sex video10gr2_designer_10126zip torrent link parche emilys childhoodhttp://asclepiusonline.net/manunulat-savitabhabhisnew-advanches/ 15 yo models nnhttp://asclepiusonline.net/natives-sex-video-handi-com/ It turns out all matter that springs forth or is born into existence from the living Creator, i.e. Mother Womb (re Mayan cosmology), is both sentient and malleable, obeying the will of their maker wholeheartedly and unilaterally. Regardless of how unbelievable that may sound, though it does agree with animist philosophy to an appreciable degree, our material plane is a viable construct or living matrix that can be shaped into any form and function desired, imbued with certain laws of physics deemed appropriate to the construct at hand that we heretofore assumed were natural and inseparable from reality. To further appreciate this truth from two different perspectives one should examine some of the more science-defying biblical miracles or the fact that the Mayans could shape a piece of quartz into something that is theoretically impossible. To wit, those laws can be broken and/or rewritten. And so, based on this newfound revelation it became apparent that reality can be reorganized or transformed into almost anything imaginable—a kind of simulation, no less. It then becomes evident that performing certain types of ‘miracles’ hinges largely upon one’s evolved ability to communicate spiritually with this living substrate on an advanced level, bringing about the desired effect via a combination of faith and willpower as in mind over matter… but not without dire consequences in some cases as seen per the fate of the Mayans (and Atlantis). Alas, it is forbidden to break some of those laws of nature, requiring far too much power and precious resources to do so. With respect to this current age, our limited ‘dominion’ over the material plane construct was vaguely outlined in Genesis.

Nonetheless, this quantum leap in the understanding of all matter represents a revolutionary paradigm shift in the overall comprehension of reality, forcing a reassessment of life in general and the concept of life specifically. Once the true nature of matter is firmly grasped, current scientific theories that attempt to explain/rationalize where we find ourselves in time and space are immediately exposed as total misinterpretations of an illusion, especially with respect to the now widely held concepts of biological and cosmological evolution. In regard to the former, if the countless infinitesimal building blocks of the material plane are living sentient beings obeying the will of their maker, it literally redefines all organic life as being created assemblages of various functional and structural carbon-based compounds, predominantly, defined and empowered by highly complex program code (DNA) written and expressed on a molecular level to produce the minimum yet distinct 250 plus proteins and enzymes required to generate the façade that we presently distinguish as ‘life,’ these organisms following certain preprogrammed fundamentals in order to survive, adapt, replicate and propagate… ourselves included. And with respect to the latter, by design, the universe is little more than a compelling light show, a vast hologram put in place to make our existence seem trivial and meaningless by comparison—the exact opposite of the truth—in order to disguise the startling fact that we are the primary focus of an experiment geared to accelerate our evolution.

Although the illusion of organic life delineated above is awe-inspiring, to say the least, the fact that many believe the extensive genetic code for so many diverse proteins and enzymes could somehow randomly and spontaneously come into existence over time is similarly awe-inspiring. Still, everything we see and experience on Earth was designed with a specific purpose in mind. While this purpose is touched upon lightly below, it is addressed in the 593 page compendium at length. These anticipated end-of-the-age specifics dealing with the overall status of the human race are collectively known as absolute truth or Truth. Many have been expecting this endtime unveiling of knowledge widely heralded as the Apocalypse, whence 15 yo boy fuckLil Wayne Mirror feat Bruno Mars Single Clean licence ashwerya boob vediovideo gratis de despedidas de soltera reales

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hindi dubbed porn the truth of our existence, the meaning of life, the true nature of all matter and reality and the true nature of God and Creator are finally revealed. Unfortunately, absolute truth will be a very hard pill to swallow, try as I did to make it more palatable.

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15 yo girls naked08 Juan G con mariachi vol II As to the reason behind this grand and cosmic deception, God and Creator tailored our reality in such a way to bring out the very best in humankind, presenting many forms of adversity to stimulate our spiritual growth and development toward a desired end. To briefly illustrate and support this, a page from Nostradamus’s last/lost book of prophecy is shown immediately above. It symbolically portrays the genuine messiah of this age, a lone individual who has finally ended humanity’s captivity within the surrounding illusion via rapid and unprecedented spiritual evolution, expeditiously assuming the three critical personas—warrior, martyr and truth seeker, respectively—necessary to bring the underlying purpose of Creation to fruition. Hindus should recognize one of his personas as the cobalt blue Krishna, Buddhists as the time travelling Maitreya. Taoists will most likely see this individual as the first alchemist to effectively smelt (purify) blue jade into the Philosopher’s Stone. A discerning few followers of Judaism will correctly name this messiah as the Archangel Michael who battled continuously yet productively against Satan. Relative to his decisive victory upon the spirit planes of Armageddon—‘a mountain cut off from Earth’ or obstacle outside of time—Muslims should recognize this savior as the holy warrior Mahdi, while a select number of Christians will begrudgingly perceive him as the authentic Son of man, a mere human of normal and humble birth who became the first true Son of God through calculated self-sacrifice and martyrdom, conquering Evil and setting all of humanity free from the confines of this age. Most religions and philosophies, including Animism, Baha’i Faith, Confucianism, Jainism, Scientology, Shinto, Sikhism, Wiccanism, etc., should identify with the Light of Truth that he brought into existence, a potential gateway to true salvation depicted by the golden sheaf symbol held in his right hand, a means to unlock all bonds of ignorance and set oneself forever and totally free.

Acceptance or recognition of this one true Messiah will ultimately come down to a matter of faith—faith in the perfection of God, faith in the unlimited power and ability of the omnipotent Creator and faith in the unlimited potential of the human spirit. As I state repeatedly throughout my apocalyptic writings, all this will be verified by our two true Gods before the coming transformation begins.

Read the summary and compilation/compendium linked below to address any questions you may have. Please save the pdf file and distribute it freely.




Apocalypse Eden


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